Education & College Affordability

Our children are our future, and to ensure that future, we have to make sure schools get the resources they need so that every child in Illinois can get a good public education in communities across the state. I will always support funding our schools which is why during the pandemic, I voted to base school funding formulas on pre-pandemic attendance so that our local schools wouldn’t miss out on dollars based on covid-related absences. 

I understand how much of a burden student loans can be. This burden is not just on the student, but their families as well. That’s why I support making public college more affordable for all Illinoisans. This starts with creating a concrete, fiscally responsible plan to provide Illinois students the option to attend community colleges and in-state universities at a lower cost. 

Pursuing college isn’t the only path to a good paying job, that’s why I also support building apprenticeship schools in partnership with labor unions to help students of all ages learn a skilled trade.