Healthcare is a human right, and none of us should have to worry about dipping into our savings to pay medical bills or navigating a frustrating insurance process to get the care we need. As your Senator in Springfield, I support legislation that reduces healthcare costs and cuts through red tape so patients can get the care they deserve. 

I’ve passed legislation to make sure insurance companies cover the full cost of doctor-recommended pancreatic cancer screenings because preventative care saves lives and we have a responsibility to ensure that no one misses out because they can’t afford it.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

I support a woman’s right to choose. Period. Legislators should never dictate what happens to a woman’s body. In Springfield I will fight to make sure our reproductive rights are always protected in Illinois and that we help people from neighboring states access our medical services.


Our seniors deserve high quality medical care and access to the social services they paid taxes for all their lives. That’s why I sponsored legislation to require the State of Illinois to deliver an annual fact sheet to seniors who receive home-delivered meals. This small gesture means the world to seniors who need services but don’t know what’s available to them and can’t navigate complicated government websites.