Justice Reform

Inclusive Housing

Beginning in the 1920s, racial restrictive covenants were written into housing contracts to keep Black and Brown homeowners out of white neighborhoods. Today, these covenants are legally unenforceable, but many deeds still contain racist language. That’s why I sponsored a bill that gives property owners a path to remove these covenants and empower inclusive communities. 

Public Safety

As a member of the Senate Black Caucus, I worked hard to pass historic criminal justice reform that makes all of us safer. Whether it’s through more funding for police resources and training or bail reform that makes sure dangerous criminals can’t get out of jail on bail while low-level, non-violent offenders aren’t stuck there after a judge has agreed they can go free, this legislation was truly groundbreaking.


During my first term in office, I secured a considerable amount of the $350 million that the General Assembly appropriated for immigration services for organizations in the 30th District, including securing a significant amount of the $100 million the State appropriated for welcoming hubs for several Welcoming Centers in Waukegan. This funding will make sure immigrants and refugees have access to vital services like food, shelter, education and healthcare. America is a nation of immigrants–our diversity is what makes this country great, and it’s our job to make sure immigrant communities have the same opportunities to achieve the American dream as the generations that came before. That includes living free from fear in one’s own community, which is why I supported legislation that prevents law enforcement from coordinating with ICE because deportation isn’t what our local public safety tax dollars should be funding.